Several Democrats took to the House floor last week to trash Israel and promote terrorist organization Hamas. Hateful and anti-semitic comments were tossed around freely by key Democrats like Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and so many others (videos below).

Mark Levin called Democrats out for supporting Hamas over Israel in spot-on commentary. He pointed out the stark difference in policy with Israel now that Biden is in office. Trump was a huge supporter of Israel, but now the new regime is blatantly against Israel. Hamas supporters are no longer hiding their desire to see Israel defeated. They know Biden supports their efforts.


Ayanna Pressley claimed there are “systems of oppression in the United States”…She is a perpetual victim who pushes hate to divide people. It’s a vote-getter…

Rashida Tlaib fueling the fire of hate for Israel:

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Rep. Ilhan Omar called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an “ethno-nationalist”:

Numerous other Democrats spoke on the House floor to trash Israel in an effort to push the US into turning against one of our biggest allies.

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“Solidarity” with Hamas was a common them with Democrats:

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