If the murderer was arguing in defense of a Republican would the media be working so hard to keep her political persuasion private? 

In a dramatic and colorful case with strong political overtones, a Livonia, Michigan woman was ordered to stand trial for murder after allegedly bashing her neighbor to death with a slow cooker following an argument over presidential politics. The news media are studiously avoiding any inquiry into the politics of the accused and those of the victim, which ordinarily tells you the story. A few seconds’ worth of internet sleuthing fills in a few details that proceed along the lines any conservative (but no media reporter) would suspect.


The Detroit News reports:

A Detroit woman was ordered Thursday to stand trial in the killing of her friend beaten with a slow cooker after the two argued about politics.

Tewana Sullivan, 50, who is charged with murder, cried at her preliminary hearing as she heard graphic details about the fatal Oct. 22 assault on Cheryl Livy, 66, with a kitchen appliance.

Oakland County Medical Examiner Dr. Ljubisa Dragovic testified before Livonia District Judge Sean Kavanagh that Livy died of blunt force injuries to her head, face and mid-back.

Livy also had defensive injuries to the back of her hands where it appears she tried to protect herself, Dragovic testified.

Livy was discovered barely breathing with the cord of the “busted” slow cooker around her neck in her apartment around 10:45 p.m. at the McNamara Towers senior housing complex in the 19300 block of Purlingbrook, officer Thomas Blauvelt testified.

Blauvelt said he found “blood all over the walls, all over the floor, all over the victim.”

In other words, an extremely brutal murder. Not quite ISIS-level, but no swords, cages, or lighter fluid were at hand. Using what was available, a slow cooker (apparently this was a kitchen discussion), Ms. Livy was beaten to death, as she futilely tried to defend herself.

The argument was over politics, but no specifics are being given:

Defense attorney John McWilliams said the two women had argued over “presidential politics.”

“Whatever the controversy is between Democrats and Republicans,” he said.

As a conservative, I am accustomed to vitriol being hurled at me from the left. Sure, there are some uncouth and some violent people on the right, but in this era, one sees racial agitators on the left in particular sparking violent attacks, as, for example, following the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. I am not aware of any riots in the past several decades by conservatives.

The defendant, Ms. Sullivan, is black. We know that roughly 92% of blacks voted for President Obama. The victim, Ms. Livy, is white. Take a look at the Facebook page Justice for Cheryl Livy to see her pictures: 


This is not conclusive evidence, to be sure. It is possible Ms. Livy was an extreme leftist. arguing with Ms. Sullivan that Obama is not progressive enough. Or maybe Ms. Sullivan was among the small minority of blacks who are conservative, though I have never in my life heard of a black conservative who has tendencies toward violence (Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Lloyd Marcus, Kevin Jackson – they all tend toward thoughtful). But the odds are that a Democrat assassinated a critic of President Obama (“presidential politics” today necessarily involve President Obama) in the wake of a heated political argument. I’d be willing to bet a substantial amount of money on that with anyone who would give me even odds.

Via: American Thinker

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