A report from two days ago has again come to our attention because the disabled Marine attacked by Antifa (video below) is speaking out after being hospitalized:

[I’ve got a] partially collapsed left lung and two lower vertebrae fractured. On top of five broken ribs, a broken collarbone, and head trauma.

All of a sudden, these agitators come out, screaming, pounding on my truck. By this time I have five people surrounding my vehicle [with] AR-15s, AK-47s.

I pulled my .38 out of my right pocket. I pointed it at the ground and told them if a weapon points at me again, I will shoot to eliminate the threat. I was in fear for my life.

I’m done. I’m done working in Portland. I’m shutting my business down, and I’m probably not going to be coming back.

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Joe Hall is a handyman who was innocently driving from a job when he came upon a group of Antifa thugs who blocked the street

Our previous report with the video below shows a car leading a group of Antifa-BLM during one of their “peaceful protests” came upon a pickup truck driver who was traveling toward them. The lead Antifa-BLM vehicle blocked the driver’s path. In a matter of seconds, militants flocked to the pickup truck driver and threatened him.

Joe Hall was armed and faced down the mob of armed Antifa-BLM thugs. As he got back into this truck and began to move past the armed thugs, one of them called him a “f***ing Nazi” as others yelled, “get outta here!”

Just before Hall reached the intersection, something happened, and he stopped and confronted the thugs. He was outnumbered and was soon requesting an ambulance.

This is what the left is turning America into…’The Purge’ on steroids.

What would you have done?

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