California Democrat Jackie Speier did a great job of throwing arrows at the Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire during the House Intel Committee hearing on the whistleblower complaint against President Trump.

She would ask him a question and then she wouldn’t let him answer her question!

Speier: “At any point during this process did you personally threaten to resign if the complaint was not provided to the committee?”

Maguire: “No Congressman, I did not and I know that that story has appeared quite a bit and I issued a statement yesterday…

Speier rudely interrupts Maguire saying “Alright, thank you.”

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Watch below as Maguire shuts down the lie that’s been reported in the biased media that he threatened resignation:


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Of course, it’s the usual suspects who falsely reported about Maguire threatening to resign:

The Daily Beast, WaPo…

Screenshots show that there are numerous sources reporting the lie:

CNN doubled down and Business Insider also reported on this fake news…

HuffPo and MSNBC:

The usual suspects are using a “Source” to claim this is true when it’s not:

Here we have the media reporting heresay but will they be fact-checked like conservative media has been fact-checked at every turn?

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