It’s a shame really…when a company who produces a really great product is more driven by their desire to promote a perverted social message than to actually promote their product. My husband thanks you Chobani, because of your decision to shove your brand of “diversity” down our throats, he’ll have 20 less cartons of Chobani yogurt to shift around in our refrigerator every week. 

Greek yogurt brand Chobani debuted the latest television spot for its Simply 100 yogurt on Monday, with a surprise twist at the end–in the closing seconds of the ad, the couple eating yogurt in bed are revealed to be lesbians.

Created by ad agency Opperman Weiss, the 30-second spot, part of the brand’s new seven-part “Love This Life” campaign, features a naked woman eating Chobani yogurt in bed next to her partner. The woman leans over and tickles her partner’s foot, then seductively slides off the bed as the brand’s new slogan appears onscreen.

Chobani CMO Peter McGuiness told ad industry magazine AdWeek that using a lesbian couple in the spot was a “natural progression” for the new campaign. The campaign hopes to highlight a “series of modern American stories that connect the brand’s values to its fans’ values.”

“For us, it’s why not [feature a same-sex couple] – not why,” McGuiness told AdWeek. “There’s nothing new here, per say. Inclusion and equality has been and is foundational and fundamental to the company.”


Chobani is the latest brand to include same-sex couples in its advertising. In January, luxury jewelry outlet Tiffany & Co. introduced its first-ever spot featuring a gay couple getting engaged. Other brands featuring same-sex couples in its ads include Wells Fargo and clothing retailer Gap.

Television advertising represents something of a new frontier for the LGBT movement. Of course, television itself has exploded with critically-acclaimed programming featuring gay and transgender characters.

Bruce Jenner, who came out as a woman last month on a now-infamous Vanity Fair magazine cover, is set to star in I Am Cait, a new eight-part docu-series about living as a transgender woman premiering this summer on the E! network. Fourteen-year-old transgender high-schooler Jazz Jennings will also get her own reality show, All That Jazz, on TLC this summer. Those shows are just the first in an expected bump in transgender-themed reality television programming.

Transgender actor Laverne Cox earned an Emmy nomination for the Netflix prison series Orange is the New Black, while Jeffrey Tambor picked up a Golden Globe for his role as transitioning father Maura Pfefferman in Amazon’s Transparent, which itself won Best Television Series honors at this year’s Globes.

Over on network television, Jussie Smollet portrays Jamal Lyon, the gay son of a hip-hop mogul on Empire, the biggest show on TV last season. And in March, ABC Family’s The Fosters made history by airing the youngest-ever same-sex kiss between two 13-year-old boys.

Via: Breitbart News

Below, you will find the message I sent to Chobani. Please feel free to send your own message to this address:

Have you lost your mind? What were you thinking when you produced a commercial for your high quality yogurt featuring two naked lesbian women in bed? I have a few large social media sites, and as I sit writing about your choice to place your social messaging above your product, I realize that the 20-25 cartons of Chobani I buy for myself and my three athletic daughters will be the last Chobani yogurt I buy. When my girls ask me “why?”… I will have to explain to them that you have chosen to push a minority lifestyle on everyday Americans with no regard for how it may affect the young children and traditional families who purchase your product. I have nothing against gay relationships, I do however, have something against a company who I have been so loyal to for so long, choosing to push a lifestyle on America that we simply don’t want pushed on us. My husband will be happy, as he’ll have more room in the fridge to keep his beer cold, because I will now be buying the large containers of Fage yogurt and adding my own fruit. So long Chobani! I hope your message was worth the backlash you will certainly receive. You’ve pushed the envelope too far this time…

Here is their emailed response(inlcuding the name of the respondent as well as his phone number: 

Hey, Patty.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us about our newest “Love This Life” commercial.

We launched our “Love This Life” campaign in May to reflect our fans and celebrate the role that natural food plays in their lives.

As part of our founding mission to make better food for more people, inclusiveness is at the heart of our company. We’re proud that our products are enjoyed by all and celebrate that diversity.

Since our founding, we’ve always believed in honesty and authenticity in everything we do. This campaign is part of that mission, and we hope you understand that we’re staying true to our founding mission.

We take your feedback very seriously and will of course share it, and we want to personally thank you for reaching out to us.

Shawn Hess
Customer Loyalty Team Lead
147 State Highway 320
Norwich, New York 13815


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