Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is ahead of the curve on so many other politicians who remain clueless when it comes to the damage that Big Tech is doing to the U.S. He’s warning that Big Tech is the number two threat to the U.S. because of its influence via propaganda and censorship of conservatives.

Maria Bartiromo began an interview with Gov. DeSantis by speaking about Biden at the G7. He said Biden’s performance played well with the “global elites” but not with “middle America.”

Gov. DeSantis touted the great tax climate in Florida that is attracting people to the state.

Bartiromo pivoted to discuss censorship on Big Tech during the coronavirus. Then, Gov. DeSantis discussed signing a bill he said will protect state residents’ ability to access and participate in social media platforms and allows them to fight back against de-platforming and censorship.

He discussed how he feels Dr. Fauci was “acting like an arm of the state” by suppressing information about covid.

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