“America is a racist country.” Don Lemon told the Washington Post. The oppressed cable show host, who rakes in around 4-million dollars per year hosting a CNN show seen by no one, complained that “We’re living in two different realities as black and white people,”

Tucker Carlson, after reading Lemon’s interview in Wapo, pondered poor Don’s plight thinking, here’s A guy who makes millions of dollars a  year presiding over a show that is failing. That seems like a pretty good deal. But like so many, Don lemon is also a victim, a successful victim.

Tucker: “On the victim scale, on the scale of say–Megan Markel to Michelle Obama, just how oppressed is Don lemon?’

At the 2:04 minute mark, Tucker points out a photo of Don Lemon taken in his kitchen with a cookie jar in the background. The decorative piece is shaped like a little chef; a black-faced chef. “What is this, this symbol of hate posing as a cookie jar doing in Don lemon‘s kitchen?”
Carlson sarcastically asks.

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