Economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin was asked if he foresees an economic tailwind or a headwind going into the 2020 election.

He says the economy is doing well and without any errors, it’s going to benefit the president.

Democrats tried to send the false message that tax cuts only went to the rich but they have been proven wrong so they pivoted to claiming the Trump economy is really Obama’s economy. Nice try but the American people aren’t buying this lie.

This is why Trump has 2020 in the bag! Americans will vote for continued improvement in the economy in 2020 and reject the Democrat’s far-left economic proposals.

“Democrats are not talking about the economy because they have nothing to say”

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The July jobs report is evidence that the economy is on fire:

Unemployment at a 52-year low!

164,000 jobs added in the month of July!


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