It’s hard to believe this woman is anywhere close to being in the lead for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020.

Senator Elizabeth Warren describes in the video below the situation her mom was in when it was a problem to her mom’s future in-laws that she was “part Delaware” and “part Cherokee”. Part Delaware? Her parents eloped and it was an issue until her mom died. Tall tale or the real deal? See below!

She gets upset when the interviewer says she’s one thirty-second Indian…”Don’t say that!” The interesting thing is that she only started listing herself as Native American from 1986 on when it could be used to her advantage.

She goes on to speak about her family and then the interviewer asks if she would claim to be black if she had as little black DNA.

Warren makes a face when she’s asked if she feels she’s used the supposed Indian heritage to get special favors.

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She referenced a photo of her Pa Paw with high cheekbones:

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here’s Warren getting snarky with a reporter: “They’re not for you.”


Legal Insurrection says the story Warren told is a tall tale:

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