A video from 2014 has emerged of Joe Biden giving a ‘shockingly’ unpatriotic speech. His demeanor in the speech is angry and forceful…nothing like the man we see today who stares into the camera reading the teleprompter.

The video says so much about Biden, who angrily questions America’s greatness and says, “there is nothing special about being an American.” It’s very similar to Biden’s past comments about the need to transform America until “Caucasians like me” are the minority (see below). Self-hate and loathing is such a liberal trait, and Biden has plenty of it.

Listen below as then-Vice President Biden slams what it means to be an American and Fox News hosts slam him for it:

Biden’s past remarks on transforming America:

In February 2015, Joe Biden opened his mouth and told exactly what the Democrats had planned for Americans. Sitting next to him is his future DHS Chief, who is now doing everything he can to facilitate Biden’s plan.

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This plan puts Americans last. It’s a plan to redistribute wealth by importing poor migrants via immigration or refugee resettlement.

Yes, Joe Biden wants an “unrelenting stream of immigration” to make “Caucasians like me” the minority. And that’s a “good thing” (February 2015)

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With over 1 million illegals crossing into America and 22K Afghans coming, Biden is doing his best to transform America. His American last policy is turning out to be very successful.

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