It’s hard to believe that the woman below is a professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Professor Tiphanie Yanique has obviously been brainwashed to believe that Western nations are causing category 5 hurricanes.

The professor says the people of the islands hit by the hurricane are victims of the US-North America carbon emissions.

She is teaching this hoax in the college classroom now.

She claims we’ve never seen such big storms so deduces that it’s all because of climate change.

Notice below how far left propagandist Amy Goodman doesn’t push back on anything Prof. Yanique has to say about climate change. Democracy Now is a far-left propaganda machine pushing out radical ideas with Goodman as the anchor.

What Goodman doesn’t tell you is that the professor is NOT a climate scientist but a writer of poetry!

The Pope is even in on the fearmongering with his latest comments calling for “drastic measures” to stop climate change:

The Pope might want to tell Obama about this supposed emergency because he just bought a $15 million home right on the water. According to your climate change theory, he will be flooded and underwater.

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