The former Mayor of Denver and Governor of Colorado dropped out of the 2020 presidential race but is now running for Senate in the state of Colorado.

The other candidates who have been running for Senate in Colorado aren’t moving aside to let John Hickenlooper take the lead. As one progressive candidate said, “this is not a coronation”.  Just as Democrats running for president are moving far left, so are Democrats in Colorado. Hickenlooper is seen as a moderate Democrats and the new blood in the party favors someone who is far left.

The other problem is that Hickenlooper previously said he’s not cut out to run for Senate in Colorado. The logical question is why he ran for president if he doesn’t think he can run for Senate.

The comments from Hickenlooper were caught on video so he’s being hit by everyone for his comments…even CNN:

It is genuinely shocking just how stupid @Hickenlooper is to say all this on tape:

This guy is exactly why people don’t like career politicians.

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