The videos below show a very excited Liz Warren talking about climate change and the Green New Deal. Anyone who is thinking of voting for her should watch the videos and question whether they really want to vote for someone so far left on energy. If she’s elected, we might be going back to the Stone Age.

Senator Elizabeth Warren must have been advised to use her hands/arms more when speaking.

She was answering a question during the CNN Climate Town Hall tonight and was flailing around with an excited look on her face.

It’s almost like she is imitating Beto O’Rourke.

If it’s not awkward enough with the sound on, watch the video below with the sound off. You’ll get a good laugh.

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Note that she begins by  saying “I’m in favor of that and I’m gonna help and I’m gonna support.”…She’s talking about “helping” and “supporting” Americans to change the “little things” the climate fearmongers think should be changed i.e. more government intrusion into your life.  She goes on to say that what should be the focus is the three industries that are responsible for putting out 70% of the carbon.

Her proposed climate change plan will cost $10 TRILLION. The only other candidate that proposed a higher costing plan is Bernie Sanders at $16 trillion.

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This CNN Climate Town Hall has been a gift for the Republican Party.

What did you think of this clip?

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