Wouldn’t it be great if our first “Black” President would make an effort to quell the angry and violent crowds in Baltimore by and asking for calm? Is it too much to ask that he take this opportunity to address our nation and behave like a leader for the entire country and not like a Community Organizer with an agenda? 

“As long as the negro finds himself living every day in a major depression, then every city will sit on a powder keg and will explode over the slightest incident.”

“This is why I have constantly said that riots are socially destructive and self-defeating. After all, the negro ends up on the losing end. We can’t win a violent revolution.”

“The persons who end up not being able to get milk for their children are the negros, because things where they have to live are destroyed.”

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Dr. King: Nonviolence is the Most Powerful Weapon  

“Violence creates more social problems than it solves.”



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