Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told Judge Jeanine Pirro that he feels the crisis at the border is the Biden administration’s policy on immigration on Saturday night. He said the policy is intentional and is also ideological.

“It obviously is a disastrous change in policy. If you look, Donald Trump had obviously the wall, which we all supported, and safe third party agreements and remain in Mexico. And guess what happened? The border was under control. So they’ve gone back on those policies, and they’ve created this crisis. But I think that this is intentional. I think this is ideological. I think that they’re getting bit by this politically now. But I think that this was something that they absolutely anticipated.”

Governor DeSantis continues to point out that his policies discourage illegals from coming to Florida:

“So it’s a disastrous way to start an administration. I think most of the American people will be strongly opposed to this, and hopefully, they’ll reverse course. You know, in Florida, though, we’re ready. When I became Governor, we banned sanctuary cities, and we also did e-verify. And so that’s not going to work in Florida, and hopefully, we can do those policies nationwide at some point, but there, Biden is going in the absolute wrong direction. Trump had it right at the border. Biden has got it wrong.”

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