Former Vice President Joe Biden was like a deer in the headlights tonight during the Democratic debate on MSNBC.

He was attacked by Kamala Harris on his comments about segregation and then when he answered her he must have lost his focus because he volunteered that his time was up (see video below). Oh Boy!

Former Obama Adviser David Axelrod said that he felt it was a tough night for Biden and said it was also a tough night for the more “seasoned” candidates (Bernie and Joe=Seasoned):

Axelrod called Biden “defensive” and that’s exactly what CNN says about him…”Thin-Skinned Joe”:

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The bigger question is why CNN is trying to bury Joe Biden. Is there someone coming as a surprise candidate because none of the Democrats are hitting the mark. Who could it be?

Why is the left suddenly trying to destroy Joe instead of propping him up like they had been doing? We’d love to know your thoughts on this.

This moment was probably the worst from Biden:

Joe Biden ends his time after getting reamed by Kamala Harris over race, shows little fight: “My time’s up, I’m sorry” Every other candidate continued fighting when their time expired except Biden, he just bowed out. Looks very weak


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