A former Antifa member wrote an excellent op-ed about why he believes Antifa should be condemned. It’s a must-read in light of the Antifa violence today in Portland, Oregon (see videos below).

Gabriel Nadales wrote:

“Enough is enough. Antifa is emboldened by its power on our college campuses. It’s now spilling into our communities and if our colleges and law enforcement don’t take action and adopt a zero tolerance policy when it comes to Antifa, trust me, the attack in Portland is only the beginning as we head into the 2020 election cycle.”

Nadales believes that Antifa violence is a form of voter intimidation:

The reality is, Antifa violence is nothing more than an attempt to intimidate conservatives from organizing political groups and being part of the political process. Its actions are a form of voter intimidation. Failure to see Antifa for what it is, and take action to protect the American public from it, puts the democratic process and our republic in serious jeopardy.

Gabriel Nadales says Antifa has become far more violent than when he was involved a decade ago. All you need to do is watch the violent video below to know that Antifa is out of control.

Nadales spoke with Laura Ingraham about why Antifa hates President Trump:


Groups, including the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer, held rallies in Portland today. Antifa held a counter-protest and showed what a hateful group they are by fighting and verbally abusing people.

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The group of Antifa terrorists in Portland were brutal to people but they also literally attacked a bus full of Proud Boys.

The video below is shocking because a man tried to get on the bus with a hammer.

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He eventually threw the hammer inside the bus.

Another man chased after the bus and tried to break a window with what looks like a small fire extinguisher

The Antifa mob finds and chases down a man (in the blue hat). They had moments earlier sprayed him in the face. He attempted to walk away but they follow him.

Another man is attacked by a mob:

A man was attacked and knocked unconscious. A woman was trying to protect him from the mob:

A man was “milkshaked” by a crowd of Antifa:

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