Kenny Boyd totally gets it and has come out on the other side of a 19-year prison term to tell young people that the “badge of honor” for going to jail is really a life killer. THIS is what the Black Lives Matter people need to do! Get into the urban areas of high black on black crime and show you REALLY care about black lives. Instead, these paid protesters are nothing but sheep following their master and not seeing they’re being used. This guy has it all figured out!
Kenny Boyd, a former convict turned community activist, drives around north St. Louis County daily, urging St. Louis’ youth to stay away from a life of crime.

Boyd, who served 19 years in prison for shooting a man when he was 21-years-old, refuses to stay silent. News 4 caught up with Boyd while he was driving around North County Wednesday.

“I’m doing this because I’m tired…I’m trying to get people to see that it’s time to change,” Boyd said.

Boyd said being in prison is seen as something of a badge of honor to those on the streets, but on Wednesday he told some in North County it’s a mistake to think that way.

“That ain’t a life I would never ever want to live again…and that’s why I’m out here telling the story.”


It doesn’t always come without resistance. On Wednesday, a group of Ferguson protesters Boyd spoke with did not appreciate his message. “Alright, alright my brother,” Boyd said as he drove away. “I see you ain’t ready for it.”

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