A Michigan man describes why he will be voting for President Trump in 2020:

“I’m a Democrat/Independent who voted for Obama both times and in this last election I voted for neither.”

Scott Bernhard slams the DNC as his “ex-party” and says he will vote Trump in 2020.

“Bushes failures put Obama in office and Obama, Hillary’s failures put Trump in office.”

Barnhard goes on to give the main reason why he’ll be voting for President Trump:

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“The things that he promised to do…he’s done ’em.”

“You just can’t ask for more than that.”

This is why the Democrats are doubling down and calling Mueller to Capitol Hill for a showboating day of doing everything to damage our president. What else do they have?

It’s interesting because another former Democrat has something very similar to say.

Geno DiFabio spoke out on why he supports Trump:

Promises Made…Promises Kept


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