This crime originally gave no description of the suspects until they captured these four teens who’re heading for a life in and out of jail if they keep this up. I can’t tell you the huge number of cases just like this one where you have black teens committing crimes. I see this every day and wonder why the Black Lives Matter people aren’t focused on the epidemic of lawlessness within the black community. Just last weekend, Chicago had 33 injured and several shot dead from black on black violence in the city. Isn’t this what REALLY needs to be focused on? 

Four students were arrested for the carjacking and kidnapping of a Texas Border Patrol agent who was on vacation with his family in Florida, police said.


The 44-year-old agent was confronted at gunpoint as he was packing up his car at an Orlando hotel parking lot on Wednesday night.

The teens forced the agent into the back seat of his car. They pistol-whipped him, tied him up and stole his wallet.

He was then held captive for two hours. His terrible ordeal ended with the assistance of OnStar.
FOX 35 News Orlando

The agent’s wife contacted OnStar vehicle security service. The OnStar representative then placed a call to the vehicle and heard someone screaming for help, Sheriff Jerry Demings said.

That is when the assailants left the car at a vacant house and fled, police said.

Police arrested Gregory McDonald, 18, Dante Askins, 18, and two other teens, who are 15 and 16 years old.

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I’m still waiting for a gun control advocate to explain exactly how background checks on lawful gun sales is going to keep guns out of the hands of juvenile delinquents like these.

I also have to take exception with all the news sites who ran with the lede “Students were playing a dangerous game.” Armed kidnapping, assault and grand theft doesn’t sound like a game to me, sounds deadly serious.

I just wanna know what they had planned to do with their victim. I mean, why kidnap him, unless they had plans to take him to some remote location to be killed.

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