The media and politicians keep insisting that BLM is a peaceful organization that just wants to somehow help black people achieve equality.  But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

A video posted by Andy Ngo during a BLM protest in L.A. that shows graffiti on a wall demanding ‘no more white babies’ and ‘kill cops’

All of the evidence just keeps piling up (starting with its founders, who were trained Marxists, and whose original BLM manifesto reads like an anti-American black supremacism handbook).

In a new video released from BLM protests in Los Angeles last night, it can be seen that the true intent of a great deal of these BLM supporters is to destroy America and eliminate white people and police forces completely.

In the video, a low-IQ call-response chant can be heard loudly by the protesters.


“Every City, Every Town!”


“Burn the Precinct to the Ground”

Does that sound like a message of equality and peace, to you?  How is this not considered incitement?

But that isn’t the only thing that can be clearly seen in the video.

On a wall or boarded up business, graffiti can be clearly seen with the statement: “no more white babies” and “kill cops.”

Can any good come of this?  Can equality be achieved with people who openly support such violence, destruction, and murder of people based upon race or profession?  Even if you believe there are serious racial problems in America, doesn’t this just make everything much much worse for everyone?  What is the point of such demonstrations?

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