After a criminal with a warrant out for his arrest refused to comply with police, he was shot. This started the complete destruction of Kenosha, Wisconsin. The BLM domestic terrorists descended on the town and began to loot and burn everything in sight. It’s difficult to connect the destruction of this small town with the claim by the BLM crowd that they want justice.

The ignorance is unbelievable, with the thugs destroying the small town of Kenosha, Wisconsin. It was on full display last night when a local man stopped to try and talk some sense into the domestic terrorists. The first video shows the local man’s frustration as he speeds off. He says, “This is my town.”

In the second video down, just listen to the rationale for ruining your own town. It’s stupid on steroids. When the man realizes he won’t get through to the crowd of thugs, he leaves. As he’s leaving, one BLM rioter yells “We’ll burn your stuff down too!”

*Language Alert*

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The language may be strong but this man expresses what so many Americans are saying about lawlessness.

Soon enough, these emboldened Black Lives Matter thugs will be coming for the innocent Americans just trying to have a nice meal.  The videos below were shot in DC where groups of thugs converged on people dining outside:

If Black Lives Matter thinks this will help their cause…They need to think again.

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