Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks out on ‘Fox & Friends’ about NYC Mayor de Blasio and 9/11.

NYC Mayor de Blasio (see below) also happened to be on Tucker Carlson last night and dodged questions like crazy. The criticism from New Yorkers on de Blasio has been constant and even to the point of putting “Missing” posters of de Blasio up around the city. It was also recently reported that de Blasio spent a total of 7 hours working as mayor last month.

Rudy Giuliani was the NYC Mayor during the time of the 9/11 terror attack. He was the best mayor before and after 9/11.

He discusses 9/11 on Fox & Friends and blasts de Blasio for the terrible job he’s done while in office:

He spoke about the increase in homelessness under de Blasio:

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“Homelessness was gone and homelessness should be gone. There’s a way to look at homelessness that these liberals just don’t get. When I see a city with homeless people, I see a city with a mayor who doesn’t give a damn about people, because if you give a damn about people, you don’t let them lay on the street.”

de Blasio joined Tucker just last night and dodged just about every question Tucker asked:

This interview is a master class in how to dodge a question with a smile on your face…Pathetic.

One thing de Blasio did discuss was his run for president. He perked up and discussed how just $1 would help his campaign. He’s polling at around 2%.


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