Nashville robbery gone right – just listen to the remorseful thug after attempted robbery of a woman. Do you also hear how the woman feels so sorry for this guy? Well….we’ve got what happened when they took this guy in…

BUT HERE’S THE REST OF THE STORY…A man accused of stealing a woman’s purse out of her car at a gas station on West End Avenue is now a suspect in four other robberies.

Tempra Mosley said she was at the Exxon Tiger Market on West End on Tuesday before a business meeting.

Mosley had just put her purse in the car and turned around to pick up a case of water when a man swept in and stole her purse and a box of doughnuts.

“I said, ‘Hey, that’s mine. Please give it back,’” Mosley said.


Mosley ran after the man, later identified as 31-year-old Ezell Graham, and screamed for help.

Greg Mabey and Rob Ruzicka were standing nearby and saw what happened.

“I heard this … high-pitched screaming, so I just immediately ran toward the scream,” Mabey said.

Three men helped hold down the combative robber until police arrived. An onlooker, Dennis Paredes heard the commotion and recorded cell phone video from a nearby building, as more people joined in to help.

“A guy in a Jeep pulled up and blocked the front of the car,” Mabey said. “And I pulled the guy’s arm from the passenger window and held onto him so he couldn’t take off in reverse.

Graham reportedly struggled with officers as they tried to put him into custody and attempted to run away twice. He also allegedly kicked out the back window of the patrol car.

Graham was put in restraints before being booked. He is charged with burglary, theft, vandalism, evading arrest and driving on a revoked license.

Mabey said Graham told him he was having a bad day. Looking back, Mabey said he could have been hurt, but would have done it for anybody.

“There were other people standing around, freaking out. And I thought, I just got to jump in there,” he said.

Police later identified Graham as the suspect in four robberies on Monday night. In all four robberies, Graham allegedly fled in a silver Acura.

Police said items taken during Monday night’s crime spree were later recovered inside Graham’s vehicle, a silver Acura. He was positively identified as the robber by all victims involved.

Graham has previous convictions for felony theft, domestic assault, assault and drug possession. He is being held on a $125,000 bond.

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