On Saturday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” New York Rep. Claudia Tenney stated that the sexual harassment charges against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo shouldn’t “overshadow” the nursing home scandal.

She says on the sexual harassment charges, “there is due process. But these people who died in nursing homes aren’t getting their due process right now.”


Tenney said:

“I don’t want any of this to overshadow how serious the cover-up of the nursing home scandal is, and the falsification of records, which has just been revealed by a Wall Street Journal article, that Gov. Cuomo’s staff and Gov. Cuomo, and certain[ly] his entire inner circle was aware of this, have covered up the tragic deaths of nursing home residents and his failed policy, all while he was writing a book about his great leadership during this period of time.”

“So, I do take these sexual harassment cases seriously, but there is due process.

But these people who died in nursing homes aren’t getting their due process right now.”

“And, in fact, the governor won an Emmy for his performances on news every single day during this crisis.”

Rep. Claudia Tenney told Newsmax TV on Friday that “the walls are caving in on” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo following a series of sexual misconduct accusations.

“Well, apparently, the walls are caving in on Andrew Cuomo and I’ve been calling for his resignation not just for several weeks because of the nursing home cover-up scandal [and] failed vaccine rollout. Now we’re seeing this inappropriate behavior in the form of what could be sexual harassment. Of course, I keep saying that the governor is entitled to due process … but the governor has been continuing on his typical reign of terror,” she said.

She went on to claim that Cuomo “has been a pay-to-play king, an abuser of power. I got elected at the same time the governor came into office in New York in 2010, promising to end the culture of corruption in New York. And his 11 years have been nothing but mismanagement, I argue, in my opinion, abuse of power, more corruption, cover-up … and now he’s facing the sexual harassment issue.”

Tenney added, “The governor is continuing to refuse to step down and I think it’s the best thing he could do for New Yorkers right now. He is under such siege that I don’t think he can govern effectively.”


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