Therace for New York Governor just got heated even before the primary. Governor Cuomo landed a low blow 30-second commercial against the Republican candidate for governor in a six-figure ad buy trashing the candidate’s wife and reputation. Cuomo charged Republican candidate Marc Molinaro with engaging in “the worst of pay-to-play politics.” This is pretty rich coming from Cuomo! Molinaro shot back at Cuomo in the video below…

Cuomo accuses Molinaro of accepting more than $5,000 in donations tied to Tinkelman Brothers Development Corporation, a construction company that hired Molinaro’s wife.  The company was also awarded county contracts and hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax breaks.

Molinaro was fuming about the ad that targeted his six-months pregnant wife:

“He is a classless buffoon who chooses to attack a woman who is six months pregnant and no longer works at the company he is referring to. I really suggest to Andrew that he stick with me, because my wife is way out of his league.”

“In the grand scheme of politics, there are things you need to ignore, but I’m not going to allow this man to attack one more woman, in particular, my pregnant wife.”

The comments on social media were overwhelmingly supportive of Molinaro and against Governor Cuomo.

Cuomo has been under fire for his “inartful” comment that, “America was never great”. He’s in a battle to win the primary against former “Sex in the City” actress Cynthia Nixon.

This should be an interesting battle to watch!



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