Greg Gutfeld calls out Adam Schiff for lying in a fantastic opening monologue on The Five.

In the video below, he gets to the heart of the problem with the effort to impeach President Trump…they’re lying.

Transcript via Fox News:

So Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., now admits he should’ve been “much more clear” about how he unleashed the impeachment circus.

Note…When a politician says they should have been much more clear, they mean, “I wish you hadn’t caught me lying to your face.” 

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Instead of trying to be clear, it might just save time if you just decided  to be honest.

Otherwise, it’s like Hunter Biden saying that even though he “did nothing wrong,” he’s not going to do it anymore.

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Hunter says he’s no longer going to work for China — because we found out he was working for China.

And, Schiff champions transparency while saying the whistleblower might not testify.

It’s a safety concern, he maintains, because we all know CIA agents can’t protect themselves against nonexistent threats, and that our government can’t protect him from your Aunt Sally.

So much for transparency.

Like everything else, Democrats haven’t thought this through.

So, not only are you going to impeach Trump, you’re going to do it in secret. Reversing an election, based on hearsay from some anonymous guy you will never ever see, who has ties to Democrats!

This is what Democrats stand for, and it might not sit well with half of America.

It’s just another wide-eyed lie. Schiff knows with each passing day, this story looks more absurd. So it’s better to hide it from you. Democrats must now rely on a simple moronic retort: If you want to know why we’re impeaching the president, we’re just going to have to impeach him to find out.

It’s garbage. They know it. We know it.

The good news:

You know it, too.

Gutfeld points out the the problem the Democrats have with trying to follow through with an impeachment. They’ve got nothing on President Trump and can’t impeach him on hearsay from a whistleblower who never openly testifies.

This has backfired because it called attention to the corruption in D.C. on both sides of the aisle when it comes to selling political influence.

60 Minutes touched on this with Pelosi:

The Bidens are the poster children for selling political influence but there are more politicians doing the same thing. It’s way past time to Drain the Swamp!

Steve Hilton: The real Ukraine scandal is US cash for gas — It involves the Bidens and a growing list of Dems

Call for term limits and a 10-year moratorium on lobbying by politicians.

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