2020 Democrats held a Gun Forum with MSNBC’ Craig Melvin in which they discussed how they would enact their version of gun control on American gun owners.

From confiscation to a gun registry, these Democrats are far, far left on guns.

This is something voters need to hear!

Kamala Harris said she would confiscate “as many as 10 million” guns in the U.S.!

Julian Castro lumped our nation’s police in with mass killers and criminals, saying “police violence is gun violence”

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Liz Warren and Joe Biden:

Elizabeth Warren endorsed a limit on how many guns an American could buy to prevent “people from bulking up in the middle of a crisis” (whatever that means).

She then suggested these people should be flagged for law enforcement for no other reason than legally purchasing guns.

Joe Biden said he would set up a federal registry not only for some rifles, but also for individual magazines

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