A large group of very diverse young adults who call themselves “The Modern Patriots” videotaped themselves being kicked out of the “Grill On The Hill” bar located at Amsterdam Ave. and W. 140th St in Harlem for wearing Trump hats. 100 Percent FED UP spoke with one of the young adults who was part of the group to find out why they were kicked out. According to the young lady we spoke with, The Modern Patriots group had just finished giving a speech at the City College across the street and decided to go out together to have a drink. They looked for the nearest bar, and happened to end up across the street at the “Grill On The Hill”. There were 15 people in their group; 3 females and 12 males. Some of the males had MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats on. When they entered the bar, a young woman began screaming that she was offended by their MAGA hats. Other customers in the bar joined in and started jeering at them. It was then that they were told to leave.

The groups who call themselves “The Modern Patriots” can be seen in the video below chanting, “USA, USA” as they were being kicked out of the bar. A large black man in a blue shirt followed them out of the bar and approached them. He warned them as they were leaving, “It’s a very sensitive time. Be careful with that.” The young patriots appeared frustrated with the treatment they received from the bar but responded in a very respectful manner. The man wearing the blue shirt in the video asked, “Do you know where you’re at?” to which one of the students who was kicked out of the bar responded,“Yeah, America!”

We talked to one of the young female Trump supporters who was with the group when they were kicked out. She explained how the customer in the bar who was triggered by their hats followed the bouncer outside the bar, engaging them in a shouting match.

The bouncer was admonishing the young adults wearing MAGA hats while attempting to move them off the public sidewalk when the female customer who started the issue inside the bar stepped outside and began taunting the Trump supporters.

The female patriot who was part of the group explained to us what happened after they were forced outside:

“I told him [the bouncer] we have our own opinion and he responded that the people in the bar had their opinion too. That woman was screaming at our friend and he gave her the middle finger when we were already outside of the bar but she started everything like she owns the place. She started all of this and when the bouncer came outside she did as well and added fuel to fire. But the bouncer was agreeing with them and told us to relax. We did not go there to cause problems we wear our maga hats all over NYC and we rarely have issues. We felt discriminated by this bar and even now they’re trying to justify why they kicked us out on their page. Most of the people we were with attend the college nearby and live in the neighborhood but they are basically telling us we don’t belong here. I’m not for the identity politics no matter where we go we find supporters so they can keep their segregated bar and we will keep on protecting free speech.”

The man in the blue shirt continues to warn the young adults who dared to wear their Trump hats into the bar, “Be careful out there. It ain’t no joke. It ain’t no meme. Be careful out there.” He continued to threaten them, “We don’t play that shit here.” He tells them to “take that shit where you live.” to which one of the Trump supports says, “I live here!” His response is priceless: “I don’t give a f**k where you live.” Is the man in the blue shirt suggesting this crowd of young adults who represent just about every racial group in America, had no business being in a bar whose customer base is primarily black? What about the college across the street? Do they only allow black students to drink at their bar?



The best line in the video comes near the end of the confrontation when the man in the blue shirt says, “This ain’t a democracy. Be careful with yourselves.” At which point the young patriots begin to laugh and walk away to avoid confrontation as they chant, “He will not divide us!”

Here’s a more close up video of the confrontation at the Grill On The Hill. This video was shared with us by a member of The Modern Patriots:

Grill on The Hill posted this response to the incident on their Facebook page:

Here is a sample of some of the responses Grill On The Hill received under their post on their Facebook page, where they tried to explain why they kicked the large group of young adults supporting our President out of their bar: 

The popular online restaurant review service Yelp shut down the comments section on the “Grill On The Hill” after they were overwhelmed by “reviews” after the story began to circulate on social media:

We took screen shots of a few of the reviews that were mostly hidden from users of the YELP review service.

The first reviewer starts out by mocking the man in the blue shirt saying: ‘Be careful with that.’ They told people who are low on melanin to go back to downtown. Racists.

The second reviewer claimed YELP would not allow her to give “Grill On The Hill” ZERO stars.” She went on to say, “Anyone who lets a persons political opinion interfere with them tryout to enjoy a night out is bull. You say free speech but kick people out for wearing trump hats. Shame on you. That’s talking out of both sides of your mouth. Stay away. Far away.”

We called Grill On The Hill to speak with the owners to get their side of the story. The owners were unavailable.

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