HBO Max has added an explanatory introduction to the comedy classic ‘Blazing Saddles’. In our PC world, this was bound to happen. The patronizing explanation assumes people aren’t smart enough to understand that this is comedy. This is satire and one of the funniest movies ever made. According to the Hollywood Reporter, HBO Max felt it necessary to put the movie in the “proper social context.” This is similar to a recent intro added to the classic ‘Gone with the Wind.’

In a world where everyone is offended by just about everything, this is what we get…

Turner Classic Movies host Jacqueline Stewart explains to movie viewers in a prelude what the person is about to see and what the person is supposed to think is funny and not funny. She explains that the movie has “racist language and attitudes”:

“Those attitudes are espoused by characters who are explicitly portrayed here as narrow-minded, ignorant bigots. The film’s real and much more enlightened perspective is represented by the two main characters.”

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The 1974 trailer for Blazing Saddles:

Gratuitous warnings are so patronizing and completely unnecessary:


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