Why does Joe Biden repeatedly plagiarize Mao in his speeches? Is he sending a message of support to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? It sure seems like it.

The latest example of Biden using a quote from Mao happened just a few days ago. In a bizarre moment during a speech to the Coast Guard Academy Graduates, Biden spoke about how women hold up half of the world…a DIRECT quote from Mao:

Maria Bartiromo called Biden out on his repeated use of the Mao quote at the 19:35 point in the video below:

During July and August of last year, Biden slipped the same quote into a speech:

Joe Biden has the same communist quote stuck in his brain that periodically comes out to shock anyone with knowledge of Chinese Communist mass-murderer Mao. It could be that his commie-loving Senior Adviser Anita Dunn is slipping the quotes from Mao in as a wink and a nod to the Chinese.  During Dunn’s tenure in the Obama administration,  Dunn famously said that Mao was her “favorite political philosopher.”

During Biden’s first public interview with Kamala Harris, Joe Biden explained that he wanted his administration to “look like the people, look like the country” and noted, “51 percent of the people in this country are women.” He conveniently left out the part where he said he wanted a female “woman of color” to be his VP.

He then dropped the Mao quote (video below), saying, “As that old expression goes, ‘women hold up the half sky.’”

This is not the first time Biden has quoted Mao. During a fundraiser in July, Biden delivered the same quote from Mao:

The Biden campaign has yet again failed to do their due diligence in preparing their babbling candidate for an online fundraiser. Biden cited a quote made famous by Chinese communist dictator Mao Zedong during a digital fundraising speech with former Obama Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett.

“We’ve got to get real economic relief into women’s hands now,” Biden said on Monday evening to the 14 wealthy donors who attended the digital fundraising session.

According to the Washington Examiner, Biden then cited the Chinese proverb, “Women hold up half the sky.” The well-known saying comes from a proclamation by Mao in the mid-20th century that helped grant certain rights to women in China. The phrase became commonplace in China at the time, often appearing on pieces of propaganda in factories or other industrial areas.

The quote may be no accident. Anita Dunn, a senior adviser to the Biden campaign, infamously praised Mao in 2009, when she was Obama’s White House communications director, calling him one of her two “favorite political philosophers”…

Mao, she said, was one of “two people I turn to most,” along with Mother Theresa. Dunn later claimed that she was joking, but few believed her, given her earnest praise for Mao’s relentless pursuit of the communist revolution in China, against long odds, as reported by Breitbart.

Mao would later go on to become one of the biggest mass murderers in human history. His horrific legacy didn’t stop Biden from quoting him on Monday. Neither has it kept him from quoting the dictator before; he’s used this quote from Mao at least four times previously. In 2015, as vice president, Biden tweeted the quote in recognition of International Women’s Day.

Unfortunately, the human rights abuses of the Chinese Communist Party did not die with Mao. While Biden quotes the communist dictator, the Trump administration sanctioned China over its mass enslavement and other abuses of Muslim Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region.

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