Kamala Harris was interviewed on CNN’s State of the Union when she revealed just how out of touch she is with rural America. She made the absurd comment that it is “almost impossible” for rural Americans to photocopy their ID.

Social media comments back to the video of Harris are hilarious.

Chris Barron tweeted: “Hi, I live on top of a mountain on the WV/VA border and I can photocopy my ID. I mean I do it while moonshining White Lightning while dueling banjos play in the background but I can still do it.”

And then Matt Walsh tweeted: “It’s true. I just moved from a rural town and the only photocopier we had was an old Amish man named Malaki who would produce a sketch on parchment paper in exchange for three bushels of hay and two ears of corn.”

“We live in the rural mountains of east Tennessee. We manage to get a photo ID while we play our fiddles singing mountain music, wear blue jeans tied with a rope belt, and fixin’ us up a mess of collards, fresh tomaters, and cornbread. Hell, we even wear shoes when we vote!”


“I live in the wilderness of northern Wi. When the pony express comes by can I send you my ID to copy for me and send back with a bottle of moonshine?”


This appalling statement is a jaw-dropping slam to people who live in rural America. Stereotyping people who live in rural areas got under the skin of most people who commented on the video. One person said she lives on a farm in the “boonies” but says she has a computer and a printer she uses.

In the same interview, Harris also said misinformation is to blame for vaccine hesitancy. She didn’t help matters when she said she wouldn’t get a vaccine with Trump’s approval.

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