Hillary’s for all “Everyday Americans”…just not the elderly ones in wheelchairs…

Hillary Clinton Iowa

Hillary Clinton wants to meet “everyday Americans” so badly, she drove right past many waiting in front of her event in Iowa.

In the now-viral clip of reporters chasing after Clinton’s “Scooby” van, the Clinton camp drove to the back entrance, surprising both reporters and many of her supporters waiting to get a glimpse of the candidate.

“I think what you don’t see in that clip, which is one of the most surprising things is there were actually a ton of people waiting for her at the front of that college,” said Financial Times reporter Megan Murphy. “There were elderly people in wheelchairs, there were people — and they just cruised right on by to the back.”

The news that Clinton symbolically drove past ordinary voters while driving their own “everyday Americans” to the event will certainly reflect poorly on the campaign. The incident draws parallels to the man Clinton hopes to succeed in the Oval Office when he drove past disabled veterans in Phoenix.


The Democratic front-runner had already snubbed everyday Americans when she parked at a handicapped spot for her convenience at one event and did not include “differently-abled” citizens in her announcement video.

“Those were the everyday Americans. Those were the everyday Iowans and guess what—they were lined up in front of that community college,” Murphy said.

Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski was appalled after hearing the story. Earlier in the day, she criticized the Clinton campaign for her evasive and inaccessible approach to the campaign roll out which has left Clinton looking stale and flat. Joe Scarborough, on the other hand, laughed and said the story proved the narrative of an inauthentic Clinton campaign. The former congressman said it was not surprising Clinton did not want to meet the elderly people on wheelchairs because her staff did not get to vet them first.

“Because they want the everyday Americans that they had talked to for 30 minutes about how to act like an everyday American,” Scarborough said.

With senior citizens making up a quarter of all voters in 2014, up from 21 percent in 2010, Clinton may face an uphill battle in gaining the trust of the most reliable voting block to turn out on Election Day.

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