Katrina Campins gave an excellent explanation of Trump’s position on immigration and the press:
“As an American I feel frustrated because people are losing sight of what Donald Trump is trying to say. What he’s saying is, people should come to this country legally. And I know about that process very well because my husband is going through it right now and it’s extremely expensive. So there’s more incentive for people to come over to this country illegally. So all he’s saying is, let’s make the process to come here easier and less expensive so there’s more incentive to do that. When people cross the border who are not supposed to be here, let’s make sure they are sent back. But what the media is doing is twisting and turning everything that he’s saying and what’s so frustrating as an American is that the point is not getting across. We’re so worried about his fights with Megyn Kelly and Jorge Ramos now, let’s talk about the real issues…

I don’t think it’s his fault. I think it’s the fact that everything he says gets misconstrued. Like this immigration thing… I’m a Hispanic woman and I’m not offended for what he’s saying. I understood exactly what he is saying. No. And I don’t agree that I’m in the minority because the last time I was on CNN speaking about this as a Hispanic woman, so many Hispanic women tweeted me and said, “Thank you for speaking for the real Hispanic woman.”

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