Wow! There was zero pushback from Clinton crony George Stephanopoulos tonight when a so-called ‘journalist’ played the victim. ABC Reporter Cecilia Vega showed her bias tonight when she went after President Trump to make a false claim that he’s meanest to females. Fox News’ Chris Wallace might have an objection to this assessment.

Her entire demeanor was hostile toward President Trump when she claimed she’s a friend of the moderator. She said the president hits below the belt, especially for “women journalists of color.”

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Pres. Trump is already attacking debate moderator Kristen Welker.

“The president has repeatedly reserved his most below the belt attacks for particularly women journalists of color. We have seen this time and time again.”

Debate moderator Kristen Welker is a known Democrat operative. Stephen Crowder discussed Welker’s past bias:

The truth is this biased debate moderator was caught on camera feeding debate topics to the Clinton campaign during the 2016 debates:

The debate moderator also shut down her Twitter account. No biased?

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