Rep. Guy Reschenthaler tweeted out his amazement at the idiotic way the House prayer ended. Even though the word “Amen” means “so be it” in Latin. The ridiculous progressives desperately want it to be a gendered word (it’s not), so they added “Awoman” at the end of the prayer.

We completely agree that this idiocy is unbelievable…

The prayer to open the 117th Congress ended with “amen and a-women.”

Amen is Latin for “so be it.”

It’s not a gendered word.

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Unfortunately, facts are irrelevant to progressives. Unbelievable.

The addition of the oddly-place “Awoman” at the end of the prayer today is bizarre because Nancy Pelosi just proposed that the House use “gender-neutral” terms instead of woman, mother, grandmother…etc. Isn’t it exactly what was done at the end of the prayer contradicting Pelosi’s proposed policy?

Let’s face it; there are a bunch of imbeciles (gender-neutral) running our government. How can Pelosi focus on something so petty when America has so many other issues to be addressed?

Also, Cryptkeeper, Nancy Pelosi, barely squeaked by to keep her position as Speaker.


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