Before Minnesota millionaire Rob Undersander testified to congressional lawmakers yesterday, he spoke with Fox Business’ Stuart Varney about how he got ‘hundreds of dollars in food stamps. He successfully applied for food stamps to draw attention to flaws in the current system.

The recently retired Minnesota millionaire  was volunteering to help seniors navigate social programs when he realized he qualified for food stamps:

“At the time my wife and I were recently retired, drawing very little income living off our savings, living very well and I thought to myself, ‘would I be eligible for this?’ So I filled out the application and three weeks later I’m getting hundreds of food stamps …I couldn’t believe it.”

Undersander was careful to follow the law when he applied for food stamps.

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“After I started receiving the benefits I started working with my state representative, Mr. Jeff Howe, in crafting legislation to try to at least reform this in the state of Minnesota. And unfortunately, it was not well received by the Minnesota legislature.”


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