A huge line has been forming all day at the Trump Alabama rally. The location is Cullman, Alabama, and Right Side Broadcasting will have the rally live below. This should be an interesting speech from Trump after the disaster in Afghanistan. It’s hard to believe, but Trump supporters are being attacked on social media by Democrats even after the embarrassing chaos Biden caused. They might want to have some self-reflection to think about how their vote contributed to the most embarrassing military and foreign policy blunder in our history.

President Trump released a statement earlier today: I look forward to seeing you in Alabama tonight at 7:00 PM CDT. Huge crowd and tremendous enthusiasm—people are already lined up! So much to discuss, mostly having to do with bringing our Country back.” — President Donald Trump

The crowd gathered long before the rally:

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Another view of the long line of Trump supporters:

Watch Live below…RSBN is currently interviewing supporters outside as they wait for President Trump’s arrival at 7 PM CDT/ 8 PM EDT:

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