President Trump is in Virginia to mark the 400 years since the first legislative assembly at the Jamestown Colony.

During his speech, Ibraheem Samirah yelled (see video below) and held up a sign saying, “deport hate”.

Samirah wasted no time in captalizing on his political stunt. He released a statement immediately after yelling at President Trump. It turns out he’s a typical Democrat who is just trying to raise money with a disrespectful stunt aimed at the president.

The president knew that Democrats would be protesting his visit and tweeted about it before he departed for Virginia:

Heading to Jamestown, Virginia.

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Word is the Democrats will make it as uncomfortable as possible, but that’s ok because today is not about them!

A protester held up a sign while President Trump waited for him to be removed. The crowd chanted “Trump!, Trump!, Trump!” while the man was removed from the event.

“Virginia is our home. Mr. President, you cannot send us back.”

The media has done a great job of lying to the American people to try and paint President Trump as a racist. It’s 24/7 with the claims that just about everything he does is racist. They’ve even been successful at turning the word “infested” into code for racism.



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