Ilhan Omar speaks to the Congressional Black Caucus comparing the slave trade 400 years ago to current camps at our borders holding illegal aliens. Note that she mentions the word “dungeon” several times to describe the African slave camps and then says they remind her of our detention centers.

One key thing she forgets to mention is that these people came illegally to the US and are free to go back to wherever they’re from at any time. They were not forced to be in detention centers, but most came knowing they would be in a detention center.

Willful ignorance to make America look bad is sedition. This woman hates America and its people.

Ilhan Omar compares migrant detention centers to slave camps in Africa during the slave trade

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She’s pandering to the Congressional Black Caucus, but this should be offensive to the caucus.

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How can she compare the brutal and inhumane slave trade to our detention centers?

There is absolutely no comparison, and she knows it.

This is where conflating two things doesn’t work. It’s just not true.

Is this sedition or just Omar being a drama queen? What do you think?

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