Journalist Ami Horowitz interviewed several BLM/Antifa members and sympathizers in Minneapolis just prior to the Chauvin Verdict.  The Media says BLM wants peace and equality.  Listen to what BLM have to say and judge for yourself.

Ami Horowitz interviews BLM supporters in Minneapolis.

What kind of society are these people trying to build?  Does it have anything to do with peace and equality?  Is it colorblind?  Does it respect the constitution or law and order or due process in any way?

Where does this all lead?  Listen to BLM’s stunning vision for the future of America:

None of these people had any problem with anyone burning Minneapolis to the ground.

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And these people feel so comfortable in progressive cities like Minneapolis that they will openly call for violence and mayhem against entire races of people and entire cities.  They have no fear because they know that the leadership their is just like them or so cowardly that they will coalesce around any infinite demands they make.

Inevitably, white people and police officers will continue to flee the city at faster rates.

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Knowing that their leadership has betrayed them and the citizens of Minnesota, who will replace the police to stop people like these from doing just that?

And what kind of ‘justice’ will they wield on the people of Minneapolis…of Minnesota…of America?

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