Trump not only found a way around the Iowa State Fair restrictions and followed through on his plan to give kids helicopter rides in his luxury helicopter, he also found a way to shut down every gotcha question by the “media”…

trump kids

The GOP frontrunner, who was told last month he could not set up his $7million Sikorsky S-76 helicopter at the Iowa State Fair, hired a nearby parking lot instead.
From there he gave free rides to youngsters at his own risk and expense – as he had planned to at this weekend’s fair.

The luxury helicopter – on which kids were able to see what cornfields look like from 5,000 feet in the sky – was at Des Moines airport on Saturday morning, preparing for its departure to the event.

The 52-foot executive chopper – which seats 12 people comfortably including the pilot – reportedly flew at an altitude of 2,400 feet and took three refueling stops as it headed from New York to Des Moines airport. Via: UK Daily Mail

“I love children. I love Iowa,” The Donald declared upon his arrival at the election-season rite of passage, where presidential hopefuls vie for photo ops eating corn dogs and fried Snickers bars.
But Trump’s helicopter free-ride stunt got the most attention Saturday.


“Who’s going first? Where are your parents?” Trump asked a crowd of about 20 kids, many wearing “Trump” T-shirts, before they piled aboard his $7 million chopper.

For safety reasons, Trump was barred from offering the rides in the fairgrounds, so he rented a nearby parking lot.

Here’s Trump at the event:

Children went up in groups of five for five-minute jaunts. The GOP presidential candidate accompanied them on some of the flights. Via: NY Post

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