Hey Joe, way to unify Americans! During an appearance today, Joe Biden just called Philadelphia sports fans “the most obnoxious in the world.”  He went on to inform the crowd that the Philly fans know everything, and he never disagrees with his wife…” kind of a Philly thing.”

Jill Biden grew up in New Jersey and the northern suburbs of Philadelphia but has been portrayed as a “tough” Philly gal. Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, is not a rough place to live, as portrayed by the media. Jill Biden’s father was a banker, and her mother a homemaker. This is another media construct to try and make Jill Biden into a folksy “tough” gal.

Once again, Joe Biden tried to ingratiate himself to the group, but his attempt missed the mark. Reaction from the group is all the evidence needed that this was a dud.

We go back to the now-viral commentary from Sky News calling Biden ‘cognitively delinquent’:


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If Trump had said something like this, he’d be skewered by the media. What do you think?

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