Joe Biden was speaking about raising taxes and got confused about which taxes he wants to raise. During his campaign appearances last year, Biden proudly promised he would roll back all Trump tax cuts (see below).

“If you change the tax rate it went from 38 to 21. You just sent it back to 20 over to 38 down if you’re 36 28. That’s what we started to try to do.”

Joe Biden can’t remember how much his trillions of dollars’ worth of plans cost, saying “whatever the number was” when asked about the money needed to pay for them.

The video below from a Joe Biden campaign event in South Carolina in late February is a perfect example of the boastful arrogance from Biden.

Biden asked the crowd if they benefitted from the Trump tax cuts. When one guy in the crowd said he had benefited,  Joe Biden says: “Guess what, if you elect me, your taxes are gonna be raised not cut.”

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Biden brags about raising taxes? Not a good strategy for winning an election!


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Fox News is reporting that former Vice President Joe Biden will win the South Carolina Democratic presidential primary. Biden had called South Carolina his “firewall,” so this is a very important victory for his lagging campaign. Where’s Obama’s endorsement?

African American voters were the key to Biden’s win today. He had a substantial lead in South Carolina going into today. Biden pandered like crazy, saying he couldn’t wait to appoint the first black female Supreme Court Justice.

He also referred to Obama numerous times:

“This state lifted Barack Obama to the presidency. And now, once again, this state holds in its hands, literally, especially the state’s African American community, the power to determine… who the next nominee of the Democratic Party’s going to be”

“You hold in your hand the future of the Democratic Party.”.


For anyone who has been watching Joe Biden during the campaign, it’s clear he’s got issues with memory and with awkward comments.

We’ve lost count of Joe Biden’s gaffes.
It’s hard to believe he’s leading in the polls to win South Carolina. What are these voters thinking?

2020 Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said he was “right here in the state of North South Carolina,” during a campaign event in Columbia, S.C.

Biden gaffed in Sumpter, SC before he got to Columbia, SC:

Pandering in South Carolina is what Joe Biden has been doing since he got there. The desperate candidate is doing everything he can to win the black vote. That means promising he’ll appoint the first African American woman to the Supreme Court during the debate a few nights ago. The only problem is that Joe Biden can’t get his pandering straight.

At a campaign rally in Sumter, South Carolina 2020 Democrat presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden said:

“I’m looking forward to appointing the first African American woman to the US Senate. Not to satisfy anybody…”

What’s even more concerning than his misstatement is that people were cheering! Biden is the leader in the polls in South Carolina???


Will this be the last win for Biden or will he pick up momentum ahead of Super Tuesday?

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