Former Vice President Joe Biden got all hot under the collar when he was asked about Ukraine. Joe isn’t used to questions like that. He likes the softball questions.

During his tirade, he said he wants the reporter to focus on Trump. That’s exactly why there is this impeachment scam. The crooked Dems want the American people to focus on Trump and NOT on their corruption.

Joe Biden explodes when a reporter asks a very simple question:

“How was your role as Vice President in charge of policy in Ukraine and your son’s job in Ukraine, how is that not a conflict of interest?”

Biden: “I’m not going to respond to that!”

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What is he hiding?

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He’s right…we’ve never had a president who has been more determined to stop corruption and drain the swamp.

More and more evidence is coming out that points to plenty of corruption in Ukraine and China by Biden’s son. Reports are saying he could have raked in millions.

“This needs to be investigated. What we know for a fact…is in Ukraine and in China, the only two countries where Joe Biden was the point person on U.S. foreign policy, his son CASHED IN BIG TIME in both countries.”

Ian Bremmer: “Biden does have a problem here by the way. I mean, I have to say, $50,000 a month for Hunter Biden clearly to be selling influence because otherwise, no one would ever pay him that kind of money, for a company that frankly was pretty corrupt.”

As Joe Biden would say…That’s a BFD!

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