Andrew Breitbart would be so proud of Joel Pollak because Pollak took it to Joe Biden to ask why he’s lying about what President Trump said about Charlottesville.

During an event called the ‘Political Soapbox’ at the Iowa State Fair, Pollak got the chance to question Biden.

Pollak asked Biden: “Mr. Vice President are you aware that you are misquoting Donald Trump in Charlottesville? He never called neo-Nazis ‘very fine people.'”

Biden shot back: “No, he called all those folks who walked out of that…they were neo-Nazis. Shouting hate, their veins bulging.”

Pollak: “But he said specifically that he was condemning them.”

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Biden repeated the lie: “No, he did not. He said, he walked out, and he said…let’s get this straight. He said there were ‘very fine people’ in both groups. They’re chanting antisemitic slogans, carrying flags.”

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Pollak is right about what the president said (see video below) and this Politico reporter is no journalist or she would know that President Trump said: “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.” – PDJT speaking about Charlottesville

After the event, Biden’s campaign tried to selectively edit the transcript of what Trump said when they posted a comment on Twitter regarding the encounter with Pollak.

They were immediately called out for their lie but Biden repeated the lie AGAIN later in the day:

Here’s a great video about what Trump said in his statement about Charlottesville:

Bravo to Joel Pollak for confronting Biden on his lie!

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