Joe Biden tells a crowd he “wasn’t trying to mislead people” when he told a story that’s been proven to be a mixture of several different stories and has been fact-checked by several sources including the left-leaning Washington Post (video below).

Because Biden didn’t mean to mislead people and the left says he just “conflated” several different stories, he’s given a pass. If this had been a Republican, he would have been skewered by the media.

Watch Biden below as he tries to explain but STILL mixes up the story of Afghanistan:

Reporter: “Do details matter?”
JB: “They matter in terms of whether you are trying to mislead people.”

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Joe Biden has frequently jumbled the details of a dramatic story from one of his many visits to U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

What do you think? Is this a lie or is he just being Joe Biden and “conflating” stories?

He told this story over and over.

Was this intentional or just a befuddled 76-year-old man mixing things up?


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