During the announcement today that the U.S. would be out of Afghanistan by August 31st, Joe Biden decided to slip a whopper into his speech. Everyone knows that Biden famously opposed the raid on Osama Bin Laden, but today he decided to take credit for the raid.

In the video clip below, Biden begins speaking and then suddenly stops for a looong pause.

“We went for two reasons. One to…bring Osama Bin Laden to the gates of hell, as I said at the time. The second reason was to eliminate al Qaeda’s capacity to deal with more attacks in the United States from that territory. We accomplished both objectives.”

In January of 2020, Biden tried to deny telling Obama to hold off on the raid:

Joe Biden spoke exclusively with Peter Doocy on Iran.


When asked if he would call an airstrike to stop an imminent attack, he said:

“Well, We did. The guy’s name is Osama Bin Laden”

Doocy replied: “Didn’t you tell Obama to wait on going after Bin Laden?”

Biden responded: “No, no I didn’t.”


Biden must have forgotten that there is a video of almost everything he says.

He did tell Obama to wait on going after Bin Laden but lied about it to Peter Doocy.

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