Joe Biden was at a campaign event in New Castle, New Hampshire today when a young woman asked him about ending the use of fossil fuels. She must be one of the brainwashed climate change youngsters who bought into the fearmongering that the world will end in 12 years if we don’t stop using fossil fuels.

He said “Kiddo” and then paused to walk over to the questioner and then said “I want you to look in my eyes…I guarantee you we’re going to end fossil fuels.”

The crowd clapped as the young woman stood there probably wondering when Joe Biden would let go of her hand.

Here’s more pie in the sky and pandering from Democrat Joe Biden.

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This is the second video in just a few days where Biden panders to the climate change crowd.

Biden makes the claim below that he wants a $25 minimum wage for renewable energy workers:

When asked about a $25 minimum wage for renewable energy workers while being confronted on his climate plan, Joe Biden responded, “that’s what we’re doing,” after a campaign speech in Keene, N.H.


Joe Biden just went way too far to the left by calling for the “radical decarbonization” of the US economy.

He was speaking at a Hanover, New Hampshire campaign event when he was asked if his climate plan will be enforcing a radical decarbonization of transportation, energy and food systems.  The woman claims her sons won’t have a chance for good health unless there is radical decarbonization…Note that the leftists in the audience snap their fingers in approval.

Biden responds: “Absolutely…yes”…but does he even know what he’s talking about?

To begin with, radical decarbonization would eliminate millions of oil and gas jobs. How will people heat their homes? The list goes on and on…

Biden is obviously pandering to the far left woman who has bought into the fear that if we don’t follow the “Green New Deal” that the world will end.

If you asked Biden to explain what decarbonization is, chances are really good that he won’t have a clue.


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