Here we go again…

‘Lyin’ Biden’ just told another lie about when he called for the Defense Production Act. He is on video below claiming again that he asked for it in January, but it was in March AFTER President Trump asked for it.

The Washington Post even calls Biden out on his lie:

 The reality: The earliest we can find that Biden called for invoking the DPA was March 18, in a news release: “Prioritize and immediately increase domestic production of any critical medical equipment required to respond to this crisis — such as the production of ventilators and associated training to operate — by invoking the Defense Production Act, delegating authority to HHS and FEMA.” 

Joe Biden is falsely claiming he called in January for using the Defense Production Act.

Multiple fact-checkers say that’s false. He didn’t mention it until  AFTER President Trump did!

Biden is either very dishonest or very confused!

Earlier today, Joe Biden also gaffed about the number of coronavirus deaths:

Yes, he did it again. Joe Biden opened his mouth, and a gaffe came out.

He finally came out of his basement for a campaign event in Pennsylvania.

A “crowd”  of about 50 greeted him on his way to a campaign event. At the event, Biden delivered another big gaffe claiming 120 million Americans have died from the coronavirus. Biden recently said 150 million Americans had been killed by gun violence. Both statements are way off, but that’s Joe Biden’s usual way of just saying whatever comes to his mind. The only people who believe him are the low information voters.

He hurried back to his basement before the press could ask a question. It’s been 84 days since Joe Biden has held a press conference.


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